If you want to keep bits of the UK, what's the point of independence?
Here are 10 ideas to get our economy moving again
Times are tough, but we can get through this together: the Elizabethan message our politicians should be giving in the wake of the last two weeks.
Attempts by broadcasters this week to view Scotland through a nationalist lens were simplistic and misleading. Even in death, the late Queen is showing…
You can't avoid rows with the row-seeking SNP, but Middle Scotland would still like to see the new PM try and engage - here's how.
Listening to Nicola Sturgeon and Brian Cox was enjoyable - but it offered an insight into the strange world of Scottish nationalism
The streets of Edinburgh are a national embarrassment - the direct result of a decade of disinvestment in local councils by the Scottish Government
Jerry Sadowitz's show looks awful but being offended by what he says is no reason to stop him from saying it
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Eddie Barnes